car-ignition-switch-repairs milwaukee automotive locksmithLooking For Car Ignition Replacement Near You?

The ignition system on your vehicle is a highly complex electrical system. When it fails you need a skilled technician to help deal with the situation because of the many tiny components that, if damaged, could mean a much larger repair bill. The expert locksmiths at Milwaukee Automotive Locksmith are experienced at dealing with ignition switch replacement and ignition repair. If you have a car that won’t start due to ignition issues don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

Signs That Your Ignition Switch Needs Replacing

The ignition in your vehicle creates a spark that ignites the cylinder of the engine. Your ignition system makes sure that the voltage is high enough to arc across the gap in the spark plug and that the spark is happening at exactly the right time. If either of these things is off you will end up with engine problems. There are some common signs to watch for in your vehicle which could indicate ignition troubles.

  1. The key won’t turn over in the ignition
  2. You have trouble removing the key 
  3. The engine keeps running with the key removed
  4. The cabin lights and accessories flicker 
  5. Your engine stalls out 
  6. The starter motor doesn’t make a sound
  7. The car will just not start.

Any of the above problems could mean ignition system problems in your vehicle, requiring a qualified technician with experience to fix them.

car-ignition-replacement-near-you milwaukee automotive locksmithCan You Rekey A Car’s Ignition Key?

The answer is yes you can rekey a car key. It is not the easiest thing to do and should only be attempted by a locksmith expert near you that understands rekeying and car ignition systems. There are a few different methods to rekey an ignition lock, either the tumblers can be moved within the lock or a locksmith can use an ignition rekeying kit to reset the lock. It’s important to have a properly working ignition key for the safety of your vehicle.

If you have the ignition replaced on your vehicle you will need to have your ignition key rekeyed to match the new ignition system. The only problem that this carries is that your ignition key will not be able to unlock the doors on your vehicle. You can either use two keys or you can also have the door locks rekeyed. The choice is yours. 

Contact An Ignition Repair Specialist Near You Today 

Milwaukee Automotive Locksmith is happy to send a technician to your home day or night to look at your car’s ignition. We have mobile technicians able to deliver fast and helpful services wherever needed. Contact us or call us today at 414-264-6300.