milwaukee-automotive-key-fob-replacement-near-you-620a77bc25157The technology involved with vehicles has changed greatly in the last few decades. Computerization has helped to improve safety features, smoothness of ride, even the notification when something is wrong. Key fobs are one of the many advancements that continue to grow in popularity. But when they stop working it can be a major hassle since they aren’t like traditional keys that you can just stick in the ignition and use to drive. A qualified locksmith near you can help you repair or replace your key fobs when they are causing you problems. Here in Wisconsin, Milwaukee Automotive Locksmith is your number one choice when it comes to quick key fob replacement services for your vehicle or home.

How Does A Key Fob Work?

Each fob is programmed with a unique code imprinted on a microchip. This chip has a specific frequency that coincides with the remote reader installed in the body of the vehicle. When the fob is in close contact with the remote reader the two use a built-in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system to transmit from one to the other. This frequency is what unlocks the vehicle and makes it able to start when the fob is within close proximity. 

Common Issues With Key Fobs

As anyone who uses a fob key knows this system is not infallible, there are problems that can occur when using a key fob. There are definitely pros and cons when using keyless entry fobs. Some of the common problems with key fob systems include:

  • Taking The Fob Out of The Vehicle – Once your vehicle is started it will continue to run even if you or your passenger accidentally exit the vehicle with the fob. It will continue to run until it runs out of gas or you shut off the vehicle. Something that is important to be conscious of.
  • Accidental Turn Ons – Another issue to be aware of is that simply being within the proximity of your vehicle can unlock it or even turn it on in some cases. Typically if you are within 15 feet of the vehicle there is risk of it being able to start which can pose a theft risk. 
  • Battery Issues – As with any type of battery eventually over time the battery will lose charge and need replacing. It’s important to pay attention if your vehicle has a low battery sensor and to replace the battery as soon as possible to avoid locking or unlocking issues down the road.
  • Broken Contacts – Within the fob there are electronic contact components. If these somehow get disconnected from each other they aren’t able to send the radio frequency to the vehicle and start it. The same happens if the buttons within the fob become misaligned.
  • Broken Receiver – If fixing the elements of the fob doesn’t work then the receiver installed in your vehicle could be the issue. A qualified locksmith can verify this and help repair or replace the components of the receiver to get it working again. 


Key Fob Replacement For Homes As Well

Keyless entry has become popular not only with cars and other vehicles but also with homes and businesses. The fob makes it easy for people to gain access to their homes, but just as with vehicle fobs residential keyless locking systems can have issues as well. If your home’s locking fob system isn’t working properly our experienced locksmiths in the Milwaukee area can help diagnose the issue, get it repaired, possibly get you a replacement key fob, and get you back into your home again quickly. 

Can a Locksmith Replace My Lost Key Fob?

As a general rule, your local locksmith does have the ability to duplicate an existing key fob or if you have lost your car’s key fob they can program a blank one to work with your vehicle’s entry system. The same is true for keyless systems for houses, a qualified locksmith near you will have the tools to program a new fob for you. 

Contact Our Key Fob Keyless Entry Experts

If you are having trouble with your key fob, or you have lost your key fob, and are in need of help to get into your car or home again don’t hesitate to contact Milwaukee Automotive Locksmith. Our emergency locksmith services are available 24/7 and offer a fast and affordable option for getting your keyless system up and running again. Contact our office today. 

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