broken-key-replacement-near-you milwaukee automotive locksmithDo You Need Your Key Repaired in Milwaukee?

It’s almost worse to break a key than to lose a key. Lost keys can turn up and continue to work but what do you do with a key that has fractured into pieces, especially if it has happened inside the lock? Depending on how the key has broken it can possibly be repaired or if necessary replaced. A qualified locksmith in your area can help you deal with a broken key quickly and efficiently. 

Common Ways That Keys Break

The picture of a broken key is one of metal split into multiple pieces in a person’s hand but this isn’t the only way that a key can be broken. Other common ways that keys can be broken and in need of repair include:

Key Snaps In Lock – Over time after countless rotations the metal of a key will begin to wear down, older keys can eventually snap from use. Newer keys can also break if improper force is applied or they are inserted into the lock incorrectly. 

Broken Bow Cover – A bow cover is the little plastic part where the keyless entry buttons are located on the lock. Because they are plastic and help together with tiny screws over time they have the tendency to crack or snap. 

Dead Battery – Just like with anything else that takes batteries remote keys or fob keys can stop working when their batteries run out of juice. 

Water Damage – Keys that have electrical components can become damaged if the keys are waterlogged. Most have a water-resistance rating however they can still become damaged if they are submerged for too long. 

Depending on how your keys have been damaged it could be as simple as replacing the broken piece, or the dead battery to repair them, but if the damage is significant then you may need to think of key replacement instead. 

broken-key-in-door milwaukee automotive locksmith What To Do If A Key Snaps In Your Lock

Your first instinct when a part of your key snaps off in the lock is probably to try to fish the broken bits out of the ignition or your door’s lock, however, trying to do this can damage the delicate locking mechanism contained within the lock. If your key breaks off in the lock it is always recommended you contact a professional locksmith near you to handle removing the broken key bits. It will save you time and money in the long run because if something is damaged that could mean a complete replacement of your entire ignition system or house locks. 

If a key snaps outside of the lock and you have all the pieces although technically they could be put back together it is much wiser to get a locksmith to help you with a proper replacement. If it is a standard residential lock for your house you can have a new key quickly cut using the pieces of the old one. If it is a car lock you are looking to replace that will more often require transponder key programming services which we are happy to offer here at Milwaukee Automotive Locksmith.

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