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When you need locksmithing services in Milwaukee, there’s no better choice for quality and passion than the locksmiths at Milwaukee Automotive Locksmith. Locksmithing is all we do, and something we have more than a decade of experience in. Unlike some other locksmithing options, this isn’t a side gig for us. That’s why we’re the best locksmiths in Milwaukee.

Emergency Locksmith Services Near You

Whenever you need a residential, commercial, or auto locksmithing service near you, we want to be your top choice. Locked your keys in the car? We have emergency locksmith services in Milwaukee and are available 24 hours a day to help you get back on the road quickly. Lost the keys to your house? We can change the locks, replace the keys, or just make you replacement keys for your current lock. Have concerns about your commercial locks and security for your business? We can get you set up with smart locks, keyless entry, combination door locks, and the latest in commercial door lock technology.

Our Locksmithing Services

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Car Locksmithing

We started out our passion for locksmithing in the auto locksmithing industry. We’ve since expanded our talents to include residential and commercial locksmithing services, but auto services are still our bread and butter. When you get locked out of your car, need an ignition switch replacement, or want the latest locking and starting technology for your vehicle, we want to be your first choice. From basic locksmithing to advanced installations, we’ve got you covered. 


Auto Locksmithing Services


To start with the basics, there are a few scenarios that we see almost every day and we’re always ready to help! Most of these services take a matter of minutes or a few hours at most unless we run into some major complications:

  • If you’re feeling unsafe in your current vehicle, then we can perform door lock installations or replacements at your convenience.
  • If you’re having problems with your ignition system, then we can perform a lock cylinder replacement or a full ignition switch replacement.
  • If the power seems to be running low on your key fob or it has stopped working altogether, then we can perform a key fob battery repair or replacement.
  • If you have a car lockout situation, we can come and get you back into your vehicle and on the road. We have 24 hour emergency and mobile locksmithing services available whenever you need.

While auto locksmithing may seem like a simple repair job, and some of the ones listed above are, there are so many advanced components to vehicles in this day and age that you should be using an auto locksmith specialist for the more advanced tasks of auto locksmithing. Advanced computer components can be easily mishandled by someone who is just feeling their way through the process. For that reason, and because we love what we do, we suggest you use our locksmithing services for these features as well:

  • Smart Locks — Smart Locks, or remote starters, are a great way to upgrade your vehicle and its security. Not only do they provide extra security and peace of mind when it comes to your car door locks, but with the wide range of options available, they can also monitor your car or truck’s engine and electrical systems, alert you to security issues when you’re not around, and get your car heated up before you even go outside.
  • Push-To-Start Ignition Systems — Push-to-start ignition systems can be very complicated to install. Rather than using a mechanic who charges you for hours of labor while he’s just figuring things out, you should go with an auto locksmith who knows the ins and outs of lock cylinders, ignition switches, and your car’s computer system.
  • Keypad Locks — If you’re unsure about connecting your car and phone, but you want something more secure than a simple key lock for your vehicle, then we can install keypad locking systems as well. Again, this requires wiring and work with your car’s computer, so an automotive locksmith is your best bet.

Whatever your automotive locksmith needs may be, we’re sure we can get you set up and on your way in a timely fashion and that you’ll be more than satisfied with the results.

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Residential Locksmithing


Being locked out of your car may be the most common lock problem that people have to deal with, and it’s often exacerbated by being in a rush, but being locked out of your home, losing your keys, or simply feeling that your locks could be too easily opened are all worthy of concern. However, Milwaukee Automotive Locksmith is ready to put your worries to rest with our residential locksmithing services. 

We offer a wide range of locks, from a simple deadbolt to a smart lock system, and we can offer you as much security and as many features as are available on the market. Here are just a few of the services that we can help provide:

  • Lock Changes — If your lock is difficult to open, it could be a sign that the mechanism inside it is breaking down. This is just something that happens over time, but it can become much more complicated if it finally breaks completely while in the lock position. Getting your residential lock replaced now could save you a lot of hassle in the long run!
  • Key Replacement — If you’ve lost your keys, but you still feel secure with the lock you have at home, no worries! We’ve got you covered with fast locksmith services.
  • Electronic Door Locks — Once the most advanced systems on the market and still desirable today, electronic door locks can come with a variety of features, including combination locks, electric deadbolts, and the ability to set certain features from inside your home.
  • Smart Locks — Like automotive locks, house locks have advanced as well. With the technology available to us today, you can get layers of locking protection to make sure that no thief can get into your home. We have locks that require a smartphone, a keycode, and a key to get in. You may not need all of that, but at the very least, we can change your lock into one that gives you some of these capabilities and allows you to monitor your home’s security from almost anywhere.
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Commercial Locksmithing Services

As we expanded our range of services and our knowledge of technology, it became a given that we start supplying our locksmithing services to those in the community that might have the most need for high-security door locks. Our commercial locksmithing services feature all that our residential services do and then some. Here are a few of the features we could offer your business:

  • Smart Locking — As with our residential smart door locks, we have locking options that can allow you to lock and monitor your business from anywhere. You’ll be constantly up to date on the security of your business and able to track various activities going on in the office.
  • Keyless Entry — If you have a lot of employees and work in an industry that involves a lot of cash or valuable data on hand, then you might want to consider a keyless entry lock system. This system allows your employees to get in and out quickly while shutting out any possibility of thieves getting in with a simple locksmithing kit. It also allows you to track who comes and goes as well as when, making wasted company time less of a possibility. 
  • Electronic Door Locks — For businesses that have lower security needs, but who still want more than a simple deadbolt, electronic door locks are a great solution. These commercial door locks have codes and electronic components that your average thief won’t be able to figure out, without all the bells and whistles that come with a commercial smart locking system or keyless entry.
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When you need locksmithing services in Milwaukee, call the experienced and passionate professionals at Milwaukee Automotive Locksmith. Whatever your auto, residential, or commercial locksmithing needs, we’ll get the job done right. If you have any questions about the full scope of our services, please feel free to contact us today!

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